Design Doing: Creating a Digital Practice

This practical case study takes its lessons from how my company is transforming our service delivery and, incidentally, creating a fantastic way to work. In my session I’ll walk through the key conceptual and practical aspects of bringing “design doing” into a consultancy setting. Results so far include new processes, new and participatory types of client and team engagement (such as the project Hack Day and Innovation Mining), and wider adoption of tools for design thinking (like Journey Mapping, Business Origami, and Content Modeling). The point of the session is to deliver beautiful ideas, some familiar, some new, in a down-to-earth package that practitioners, managers, and business owners can adapt to fit their own situations.

Session Takeaways
* A framework for building a transformative way to work
* Concepts and a kit of tools that can be applied, adapted, invented, and reinvented

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