A Tale of Twin Cities

A fireside chat presented by Karl Fast and Kristina Halvorson

Karl Fast and Kristina Halvorson in conversation. As the Information Architecture Summit visits content strategy’s spiritual home of Minneapolis, let’s look at how these disciplines compare, why they’re important and what they can teach each other.

Information Overload is an Opportunity

Everyone experiences information overload. This is the reality of the digital now. How can we transform this reality from a negative to a positive—from information overload to information opportunity? The standard approaches are to use massive computation (think Google) or coordinated group action (think Wikipedia and Facebook). There is another and less-appreciated approach: meaningful interaction.

This talk explores three themes for designing a deeply interactive world in which information is an opportunity, not a burden. The first theme is filtering and how people winnow and sift through information. The second theme is the human body and how people use micro-level interactions to construct meaning from the information they encounter. The third theme is touch and how large multi-touch surfaces can support messy information problems and spaces. By incorporating these themes into current design practice, information can be an eternal opportunity instead of a pervasive threat.